Our Menu

Our menu offers the perfect food for an invigorating dinner, such as our delicious rotisserie peruvian chicken, steaks, sandwiches, or big salads! Our goal is to satisfy your hunger and put a big smile on your face!


Super Pollo Combos


Combo #1( Pollo entero, papas fritas y ensalada)

(Whole chicken, french fries and avocado salad)


Combo #2 ( Pollo entero, salchipapa, ensalada y maduros)   

(Whole chicken, avocado salad, french fries w/slice hot dogs and sweet plantains)


Combo #3 ( Pollo entero, salchipapa, ensalada, arroz, habichuelas y tostones)

(Whole chicken, avocado salad, french fries w/slice hot dogs, rice, beans and fried plantains)



Entradas - Appetizers


Papa a la Huancaina       

(Slice potato with cheese )


( French fries with Hotdog slices)

Ensalada de Aguacate

(Avocado Salad)

Choclo con Queso

(Peruvian corn and cheese)

Palta Rellena

(Stuffed Avocado)

Choritos a la Chalaca

(Mussels w/onions, Lemon & Tomatoes)



Anticuchos Peruanos


Anticuchos (Cows heart on a stick)



    Parrilladas Peruanas


Parrillada de Carne

(Meat B.B.Q. Peruvian style)


(Grilled Chicken Peruvian style)

Pechuga de Pollo a la Parrilla

(Chicken Breast B.B.Q.)

Trucha a la Parrilla

(Whole grilled fish)


(Skirt Steak)

Costilla de Res a la Parrilla

(Rib Grilled)

Parrillapara 2 personas: Pollo, Costilla, Entraña y Chorizo

(Include: Chicken, Rib, Skirt Steak & Chorizo for 2 people)

Servido con papa dorada y ensalada (Served w/potatoes & Avocado salad





Sandwich de Hamburguesa

(Cheese Burger Sandwich)

Sandwich de Pollo

(Chicken Sandwich)

Sandwich de Entraña

(Skirt Steak Sandwich)


Carnes - Meat



(Steak topped w/onions & tomatoes)


(String of Beef w/onions & tomatoes)


(String of Chicken w/onions & tomatoes)


(String of Beef & Chicken w/onions)

Chaufa de Pollo y Carne

(ChickenorBeefwithfried rice)

Chaufa Mixto (Carne y Pollo)

(Beef &chicken with fried rice)

Bisteck a lo Pobre

(Lean tender steak, sonny up egg, fried

plantains and french fries, served w/steamed white rice)

Tallarin Verde con Bisteck

(Steak topped on a bed of

spaghetti pasta tossed w/Peruvian pesto sauce)


Mariscos - Seafood


Ceviche de Pescado

(Fish marinated in lemon juice & onions)


(Fish & seafood marinated in lemon juice & onions)

Ceviche de Camarones

(Shrimp marinated in lemon juice)

Pescado Frito

(Friedfish w/ frenchfries& rice)

Sudado de Tilapia

(Stuffedfish, seafood, potatoes & rice)

Tilapia a lo Macho

(Tilapia fish w/seafoodon a spicy sauce)


(Mixed fried fish and seafood covered w/onions)

Calamar Frito


Arrozcon Mariscos

(Yellow rice with seafood)

Chaufa de Mariscos

(Seafoodfried rice)



Sopas - Soup


Chupede Camarones

(Shrimpsoup w/milk, eggs & rice)

Chupe de Mariscos

(Seafoodsoup w/milk, eggs & rice)


(Mixedseafoodsoup, peruvianstyle)

Sopaa la Minuta

(Meat soup with noodles milk & eggs)

Sopa de Sustancia

(Meat soup with noodle)

Sopa del Día

(Soup of the day)